This is the list of the Internet Marketing Tools that we like the best.  They may not be the best, but they are what we use everyday!

PayPal – The most important thing you need to take care of when starting a business on the internet is how to get PAID!  It doesn’t matter if you are doing affiliate marketing for other people’s products or just selling your own services or products you need a way for customers to pay you.  PayPal is by far the most popular form of online payments.  It is how most customers will pay you and how most affiliate programs pay out their commissions.  PayPal’s transaction fees are a little higher than a traditional merchant account but there are no monthly fees and it is easy to open an account.  Once you have the Business Account you can get a Debit Card that will allow you to withdraw money from your PayPal account at any ATM and also use the card for purchases.

GetResponse – If you are going to build an internet business you are going to hear “The Money Is In The List” everywhere you go.  It is mostly true.  You need a way to offer products and information to your previous customers and other people that have expressed interest in getting information from you.  We use GetResponse for ALL of our mailing lists, and highly recommend them.  We are even using on this website right now.  To subscribe to The Top 11 just use the GetResponse subscription form below to be kept up to date on the top internet marketing tools.

GoDaddy – Yep, we use GoDaddy.  We have probably owned close to 1000 domain names in our Internet Marketing journey.  I bet 99% of them were registered at GoDaddy.  The others were registered with other companies if they had a really good sale, but we transferred them to GoDaddy when they were due to renewal.

HostGator – We use HostGator to host ALL of the sites we run.  We run websites for several businesses we are involved in.  Each type of site needs different features and HostGator provides every feature we need for every site we build.  I got a Reseller account so I can host all of my domains/websites with their own cPanel and everything.

WordPress – If you are going to build a website you should really use WordPress.  There is a little bit of a learning curve, but it is easier and more flexible than anything else out there.  We mainly started using WordPress because of all features that can be added through Plug-Ins, and several of the other Tools listed below are WP Plug-Ins.

ProStyler Theme – If you are going to use WordPress to build a website then we highly suggest that you use the ProStyler Theme.  It is the Theme we are using on the website and pretty much on every WordPress based website we build.  We occasionally build websites using other website builders, but they are usually a special website requiring a special website template.  We have listed our other specific website templates in the “Other Resources” section below this list.

OIO Publisher – This is one of the first plug-ins that we actually paid for, and it is worth EVERY CENT.  If you have decided to build a website for your business, you NEED this plugin.  Not only is this a FULL FEATURED ad management plug-in, it also automatically sells advertising spots on your blogs.  We originally started out trying to make a lot of blogs that made money with adsense and affiliate programs.  Adding this plug-in added another income stream when other businesses started buying advertising space on blogs and OIO handled everything automatically.

Explaindio – If you are going to make videos to promote your products, brand or website then Explaindio is the software for you.  This is the only video creator you will ever need.  It certainly does everything we have ever needed it to, and we have barely scraped the surface of everything if can do.  It is also continuously updated with the latest and greatest features.  Be sure to check out this amazing program.

WP eStore – This is the shopping cart program that we use for our website shopping carts.  This does everything we need and more.  You can also use this to sell digital products on your websites and everything will be handled automatically.  You can also get their Affiliate Program Plugin to run an affiliate program for items you are selling on your website.

WishLoop – If you are looking for software to convert your website visitors into customers and subscribers then you NEED this!  The WishLoop Suite of products are the top of the line in website conversions.  There really is no way for us to do justice to all of the features this software provides.  Just click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to check out their software and get a 2 week free trial of the software.

Click Back Rewards – The best way to get traffic to your website or offer is by creating Viral Facebook Contests.  Everyone loves contests and pretty much everyone uses Facebook.  By combining the power of these two you can really get some “eyes to your offer”.  Click Back Rewards is an easy to use system that will let you build Viral Facebook Contests quickly and easily.  There are more complex systems out there with more features.  These complex systems are harder to learn how to use, more expensive and are hard to track and maintain during the contest.  Be sure to check this one out.

Other Resources

Seattle Cloud Apps Builder – If you are thinking about building Apps for Android or Apple then Seattle Clouds is the program you want.  You can use their templates to build UNLIMITED APPS for Android and Apple.

Viral Lead Machine – This is another great program for getting traffic to your offers and websites.  It’s not as easy to use as the Click Back Rewards listed above, but it is easy to use and can be very powerful.  This software is more about creating VIRAL traffic to your site instead of running a contest.

WP Social – WP Social creates specialized themes for running specific types of websites.  We purchased their package to run types of sites like Groupon, Deal Of The Day and other types of sites.  The amount of things you can do with their Social Deals Engine is AMAZING!  Right now, one of our sites, is running the WP Social Deals Engine.  You can run some amazing Marketplace type websites with this theme.  They also have a very powerful suite of tools for other uses.  We use their SEO Pro software on our websites.

App Themes – AppThemes is another business that creates specialized themes for running specific types of websites.  We purchased their package to run types of sites like Classified Ads, Fiverr, Business Directories, Coupon Sites and others.  We are currently running one of our sites, using their ClassiPress Theme.  We will be using their Vantage Theme very soon in one of our upcoming projects.

Traffic Funnlr – “Traffic Funnels” are one of the biggest Buzz Words in Internet Marketing right now, and for good reason.  Getting customers and visitors into a “funnel” gets a lot of information and offers in front of them.  This is where you make your money.  There lots of funnel type software and programs out there, some that cost $100’s a month.  Traffic Funnlr is an easy to use and implement program that will let you set up your own traffic funnels.  It offers quizzes, polls and other types of funnels to get your visitors interested in the products and services you are offering.

BitCoin (CoinBase) – We use CoinBase for all of our BitCoin transactions.  BitCoin is becoming more popular every day, but isn’t really widely accepted or used just yet.  We always believe in letting people pay however they want, and giving them as many options to pay as we can.  It’s also nice to have BitCoin on hand if there is ever a reason you need some right away.  It can take several days to open and fund a BitCoin account.  Click the link to open your BitCoin account and get started.  CoinBase normally gives a bonus when you open an account.  At the time of this writing they were offering a FREE $10 BitCoin bonus if you open an account with just $100 in BitCoin.

Covert Geo Targeter – This is one of the coolest tools I have ever seen.  I’m sure this tool has been used on you MANY times and you probably always wondered how they do it.  This is the plug-in that websites use to display ads with the name of the town you are in.  Ads like “Your Home Town mother makes $1000′s from kitchen table”.

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